Camelot Studios – Our Local Studio

Camelot Studios – Our Local Studio

This week we spoke with Lance, who is the owner of Camelot Studios, a professional recording studio based in Dublin 15 that was set up 10 years ago. We discussed with Lance, about how and why he set up the studio and what have been the effects of COVID on demand for the space.

Lance started off by explaining he wanted to go to different recording spaces that were out of the city. He found this old space in Tyrrelstown and felt it was the vibe, he wanted, the ideal creative atmosphere. He felt stuck in the city so this spot on the outskirts was perfect. His only issue was would people want to go out of the city? Thankfully, and 10 years of success can speak for that, people did. 

Back in 2011, this was essentially a building on a farmyard, but since being renovated, the studio now offers a large live room, as well as spacious rehearsal rooms and film production services, with high quality, reliable and professional equipment. 

The goal of Camelot Studios is to give musicians an environment to create the sound they are looking for that best represents them. They offer a first-class standard not seen in many other studios, whilst also providing a relaxed and creative environment for bands and artists to get the results they desire from the sessions. 

In the Camelot sessions, they also offer affordable alternatives to expensive music videos. “A series of 3 acoustic videos filmed in high definition and recorded to studio quality. Ideal for promoting a new release, tour or simply to add content to your website. Videos are filmed live over half a day in the Arches at Camelot Studios, where the room’s stone walls, and wooden A-frame roof creates a natural reverb that produces a warm acoustic sound. We deliver fully edited and mastered HD videos along with all rushes and audio files.” This is fantastic for unsigned bands and artists as some music videos can cost thousands, which can be very unobtainable when first debuting. 

When speaking about how COVID affected the business, it wasn’t a shock that it had. Lance explained; “Art’s was totally wiped out”, artists found it impossible to continue working, and naturally recording studios felt this as well, however, as the reopening takes place, the studio is starting to see business again. Without a doubt, it will be booming once again.

If you are interested in any of the services offered by Camelot Studios you can find them here: