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Indigo Lights – Living Life in Lockdown

This week, Phoenix FM caught up with Indigo Lights, to ask about their debut single released in February, What to expect from their new single, Living Life in Light, what’s changed for the group, and what’s next?

The biggest change is that the band, just consists of one member, Ger, at the moment; “as I’ve set this band up during a time where no one can really meet up due to the Pandemic restrictions, so it’s basically me and my music and engineer friend Gavin putting all this music together and building enough songs so when the Covid restrictions lift I can get a band together with all this music ready to play live which I can’t wait for!”

Like any other artist at this time, Ger experienced his fair share of obstacles during this uncertain period, working remotely, he had to send tracks to and from the studio where his friend and studio engineer Gavin McCormack would edit and mix the track, but there was silver linings to this free time; “…. I’m originally a drummer so all this time has been great for me as it has giving me a chance to focus solely on playing and writing new music on the guitar and demoing everything at home for when I get to the studio”.

Indigo Lights’ debut single; “Goodbye Farwell”, released in February, is essentially a song about hoping and waiting for the pandemic to end, looking to the future with hope and to get back to some kind of normality. “On Release It reached number one on the iTunes Rock Charts, peaked to Number 4 on the Main iTunes Charts, it’s currently pushing 400+ plays in just over a month and a half and still being played daily, so it’s a great debut release start for the band which is still relatively unknown and building from the ground up”.

Keeping in theme with their debut single, their next release, ‘Living Life in Lockdown’ will be released on the 24th of April and a music video for this will be released in the coming weeks. “Again living life In Lockdown is a song written in frustration about the current Lockdown restrictions but with an underline feeling of hope, it’s, again, basically an audio snapshot of the current times we’re all living in, this will the last song was written or inspired about lockdown I promise!”

Of course, now that artist cannot promote their work the usual way, we asked how Ger found this process remotely? “Promotion wise I will be appearing on “Le Chats” Facebook live to chat With Adam on the 6th of May, I’m also hoping to get a slot on one of the many live events that are currently happening, for example, with Fluttertone events. For now, I’m just currently focusing on getting all the music together and recorded in the studio for when live music returns…”

Ger finished our interview with; “that’s basically the future plans for the band is get all music fully recorded and out on all streaming sites for people to hear and hopefully enjoy for when live music does return we can start to build an audience who hopefully like the music and build from there, fingers crossed all going well”. We hope so too!

Check out Indigo Lights HERE