English For Living

English for Living is the first programme to feature as part of the brand new

Phoenix Education

initiative. This series aims to teach the listeners the English language through conversations and exercises based around every day situations. Listeners are encouraged to listen to the podcasts while completing the corresponding workbook for each episode.
This series was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).
In association with Dr. Ruth Harris of TU Dublin (Blanchardstown Campus) and Alan Connolly of 92.5 Phoenix FM.

Tune in Monday 22nd – 24th March 2021 to live streams of English For Living 10-4pm Daily.

Lesson 1 – Introductions

Lesson 1 Workbook

Lesson 2 – Moving to Blanchardstown

Lesson 2 Workbook

Lesson 3 – Primary School

Lesson 3 Workbook

Lesson 4 – The Shopping Centre

Lesson 4 Workbook

Lesson 5 – The Doctor

Lesson 5 Workbook

Lesson 6 – The Bank

Lesson 6 Workbook

Lesson 7 – Revision

Lesson 7 Workbook

Lesson 8 – Finding A Job

Lesson 8 Workbook

Lesson 9 – ITB

Lesson 9 Workbook

Lesson 10 – Citizens Information

Lesson 10 Workbook

Lesson 11 – Voting And Elections

Lesson 11 Workbook

Lesson 12 – Law And Order

Lesson 12 Workbook