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Presenter and Roving Reporter team

92.5 Phoenix FM is looking to expand their Presenter, Roving Reporter and News teams.

These roles are ideal for people in the Dublin 15 area who wish to be a part of their local community radio station.  

Eligibility to apply is that you must have strong links to the Dublin 15 area. Priority selection will go to people Living, Working, Volunteering  or Studying in the Dublin 15 area.


Please apply using our online volunteer application form below

Ideally candidates will be supportive of the value, opportunities and connections that community radio brings to a community. We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people who have a willingness to engage with technology as part of their learning to enhance the station’s broadcasting output.

Presenter role – Remote role

All presenter roles are currently operating remotely 

To fulfill this role volunteer will need to have access to a:
– Desktop/ Laptop
– Reliable internet connection
– Headset with mic / or USB microphone and headphones
– Zoom Account (basic free account will suffice)
– Available between 2 – 4 hours per week
– Meeting deadlines for broadcasts
– Communicating with the production team weekly
– Training will be provided to record and submit interviews remotely.

Desirable Skills

Research/ Journalism/ Media/Public Speaking/Previous Presenting Experience

 Having an interest in talking to people and finding out more about what is going on in the community is key to this role.

Outside Broadcast

If you like the idea of being out and about talking to local services and residents about what is going on in the Dublin 15 area then our Roving Reporter may be more attractive to you. 

 News Team role

 Have you got your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community? We would love to talk to you so that we can get what is happening in your community to a wider audience in the Dublin 15 area.



Online training will be given on how to use all the equipment necessary to fulfil these roles.

Ability to meet submission deadlines is a crucial part of all of these roles.

We would love to hear from you by filling out our Volunteer Role Application form on our website.

An informal call will occur prior to the group training to assess suitability for the roles.

All induction sessions and training for these roles will take place in a group setting and online (Zoom) for the foreseeable future.

Support for the roles will also be available only online.

Closing date: September 1st 2021

Training to start Mid-September (Date to be confirmed)

Express your interest in volunteering with us by completing this web form, thank you.

    Personal Details

    Are You Over 18


    What is your connection to Dublin 15?


    Have you any media experience?


    How many hours a week can you volunteer?

    1 hour to 2 hours2 hours to 4 hoursMore than 4 hours

    Skills or training (media or otherwise)

    How did you hear about 92.5 Phoenix FM?

    Role preferences


    Assess your level of confidence in using new technology