Programme Proposals

If you have an idea for a programme and the previous experience mentioned on the How to Volunteer page then you can send Programme Proposal to our Broadcasting & Programming Coordinator with this form.

    Personal Details


    Have you attended a 92.5 Phoenix FM induction?
    Have you received any broadcast training?

    If yes, please specify what type of training:

    Proposed Programme Title

    (May be working title)

    Programme Frequency and Duration

    Half hourHourTwo Hour


    Programme Category

    (Talk, Music, Magazine etc.) If music, state genre

    Programme fit

    How does the proposed progamme fit into 92.5 Phoenix FM’s commitment to the Dublin 15 community? Please see our Community Radio Ethos

    Synopsis of the programme

    Please explain your programme in one or two short paragraphs.

    Proposed Running Order (this item is required)

    A draft running order for the first programme

    Programme Team

    Give details of any other personnel who will be taking part and their relevant position within the programme team. (Include Presenters, Researchers, Technicians etc.)

    Download Form here