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Meet our Volunteers – Daragh Doherty

Tell us what convinced you to join Phoenix FM?

I’ve always been fascinated with media from a very young age, mainly film and voiceover.
I always love listening to the radio during every journey I go on either in the car or on the bus.
Before joining Phoenix FM I started training in voiceover for ads and animation and when I heard about the programs broadcasting at the station and the opportunities for training I decided to give radio a shot to try something new and expand on what I’ve learned.

When I found out more about the station Phoenix Film caught my attention. I always love reviewing movies and talking about film news. I love voice acting, radio and film so the whole experience felt like a great combination. After stating at Phoenix I joined Phoenix Film and began presenting D15 Today every Friday as a co-host and absolutely adored it.

I knew from that point that radio was where I was meant to be. The social aspect is another great part of working in radio. No two days are the same and you always meet new people everyday and because of this I’ve made so many new friends.

How has your time with Phoenix FM been?

My time in Phoenix FM has been nothing short of a dream come true. I’ve been here for nearly 7 months now and I never leave the station without a big smile on my face. I’ve learned so many new things and experienced so much from presenting, sound mixing, editing and going to different gatherings and events. I’ve fallen in love with the whole process of radio.

The friendships I’ve made here will truly last forever and I feel grateful everyday to be doing what I love and having a great laugh while doing it with the best friends I could ask for. The entire team is very friendly and helpful. The station is extremely welcoming to anyone.

What advice would you give anyone looking to join Phoenix FM?

My best advice to anyone who wants to volunteer is to jump in with both feet and do your best to try everything. Even the smallest jobs go a long way.

You’ll make so many new friends and have a good laugh every single day. Radio may seem intimidating at first but I can confidently say it’s a lot of fun once you get started.