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Outside Broadcast: Dive Expo in the NAC

Last Saturday marked another extraordinary achievement Phoenix FM as we presented another spectacular outside broadcast, this time within the Sports Ireland Campus next to the National Aquatic Center for the highly successful ‘Dive Expo 2024’ which was organised and rub by the Viking SAC and their volunteers.

The event was an amazing success, drawing in massive crowds of visitors over the weekend to check out and be involved in a huge range of actives and events surrounding aquatic sports and exploration. Phoenix FM’s presenters Lesley, John, Áine, Darragh and Seán had the front row opportunity to the to sit down and talk to the special guests of this years Expo to talk how they were involved with the expo and the water activities they are active in.

You can listen back to the outside broadcast here:

Phoenix FM would like to thank Olga Kearney and all the volunteers from Viking SAC for organising the expo this year and for hosting Phoenix FM for our outside broadcast.


Dr Connie Kelleher from the National Monuments Service and Dr Nessa O’Connor from the National Museum of Ireland talk about exploring of underwater wrecks.

Rory Golden From the Belfast Titanic Society who talked at the expo about deep sea exploration talks to us about the Titanic.

Jonathan Power the founder of Paddleboards Ireland talks about how the paddleboards community has been growing in Dublin.

Billy Linehan Adviser and Consultant at Celtar Advisers talks to us about the rural area’s of Dublin and conserving these important areas.

Minister Jack Chambers stopped by to talk to us about the vast range of water activities that are growing in Ireland while he visited the Expo.

Ciaran Kissane is the president of Diving Ireland talks about snorkeling on the Irish coast.

Kevin Rahill from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution talks to us about volunteering at the RNLI and some of the main dangers of sailing.

John Murphy from the Atlantic Youth Trust charity who talks to us about how the Atlantic Youth Trust is good for helping the youth push boundaries and grow while developing a community.

Debora Colombo is a diving instructor and manager of the Safari Diving Lanzarote dive centre talks to us about the history of Safari Diving and the range of underwater activities that they provide and the range of wildlife on the Irish coast.

Dave McGowan and Charlie Gray are the owners of Emerald Freediving who have joined us to tell us what exactly free diving is and how it can be therapeutic.

Susan Dillon is a reiki therapist at Susan Dillon Reiki talks to us about how reiki can be helpful with de stressing and helping develop mentally and emotionally.

Matt Jevon is the co owner of South West Technical Diving talks to us about deep diving and the dangers that can be involved.