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Poetry Exhibition in Dublin 15 launches today

Five young people from Dublin 15 (aged 4 to 18 years) and their families, were brought together with five poets; John CumminsLucinda JacobColm KeeganPaul Timoney and Jess Traynor; to create a bespoke poem about their family, and about the super power that lives inside every home in the ordinary things they do every day, especially during the challenges that 2021 may have brought their way. Poetry chats took place thorough a series of outdoor tea meetings, zooms and phone calls during November/December 2021, and January/February/March 2022.

The poems have been individually illustrated by artist Alan Nolan and will be exhibited in
Draíocht’s First Floor Gallery, before making their way back to their families’ homes for good.

While you’re visiting the exhibition, why not try your hand at creating your own poem in our
Poetry Corner?

Draíocht’s Super Power Poetry Project and Exhibition was made possible
with funding from Fingal County Council’s Creative Culture Fund 2021.


The Liu Clan – Who Are We?

Created by the Liu Clan;  Clare, Leo, Thomas (17 yrs), Sophie (15 yrs), Oliver (9 yrs) and Jessie ( 6 yrs)

With Poet Lucinda Jacobs

Illustrated by Alan Nolan

The poem The Liu Clan – Who Are We? and illustrations, came to be through a series of friendly chats, questions and edits over buns in Draíocht, zooms in pjs, phone calls, texts and a fabulous traditional Chinese Liu family dinner, with the Liu grandparents  – where the family photo album even came out. Lucinda and Alan worked with the family to create something they feel really represents their blend of Chinese and Irish culture that very much represents who they are.

The Power

Written by Poet Colm Keegan for and with Leah Dunphy (17 yrs)

Illustrated by Alan Nolan

The Power was written after Colm and Leah worked together in Leah’s school, during her final year in secondary school. The imagery was created by Alan through a shared knowledge of the skyline you see when you look across from Dublin City at the graveyard where Leah’s loved ones rest. 

“I really enjoyed working with Colm Keegan. He was so lovely and understanding. I love my newly written poem. The imagery created by the artist Alan Nolan is amazing because it’s about my uncle and my nanny and I really like how he put the images in my head visually.” Leah

“Working with Leah was incredibly humbling, she was dealing with a lot, and after writing poems with her, and

loads about her and her family, I eventually had to just accept that there was no sugar-coating what was really

going on, and to focus on the real issue, and her strength. Once I did that, it was mad how quickly the poem

came (inspired by a lone bird in flight of all things). I really wanted to pay tribute to Leah’s power and grace in dealing with loss, and Alan has done a stunning job with the image to accompany it.” Colm Keegan

Species Stew

Written by Poet John Cummins  with and for Vlad Ilies (15 yrs)

Illustrated by Alan Nolan

John worked with Vlad in the school library where an incredibly imaginative world was created through animated sessions and discussions around Vlad’s family and where his interest in dinosaurs from an early age took root to create this fantastic poem. Sketches created by Vlad directly influenced Alan’s illustrations of the final Species Stew.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Written by Poet Paul Timoney  with and for Joanne O’Gorman  (12 yrs)

Illustrated by Alan Nolan

After Joanne’s school suggested she might be very interested in this project, Paul met Joanne and her mam, in the school, for what was the beginning of many interesting interactions, some on zoom and by phone and finally meeting with Alan in Draíocht to talk about how the illustrations should be.

“I had already felt lucky to be invited to take part in this project to begin with … and when I met Joanne and her mum that fortunate feeling increased even more. I think that creating a poem about Joanne’s passions, the things and people that she loves, and the things that may frustrate and amuse her was an amazing way to connect. I was so privileged to get to know Joanne and her family, and to have had a hand in helping to create something that they’ll hopefully be able to look at and enjoy for many years to come.” Paul Timoney

Thor Versus Thanos

Written by Poet Jessica Traynor  for Feidhlim (4 yrs) and Gemma Kavanagh

Illustrated by Alan Nolan

Thor Versus Thanos was the outcome of zoom calls, texts and phone calls between Jess and Gemma and Feidhlim;  with the business of family life and a pandemic never allowing an in-person meeting between the three of them. But the support and similarities in experience allowed a strong connection between Gemma and Jess, that allowed Jess to create this beautiful reflection on Gemma and Feidhlim’s life experience, and Alan to translate that experience into impressive imagery.