Blanch Trio, “Slay Her Too”, Get Ready For Debut EP

Blanch Trio, “Slay Her Too”, Get Ready For Debut EP

This week we caught up with Dublin band “Slay Her Too”, we discuss new singles, how they survived as a band during the lockdown and what’s in store for the band as restrictions start to ease. 

How have things changed for the band since the start of the pandemic?

“When the pandemic started, interaction within the band such as rehearsing and gigs ceased. We maintained conversation and dialogue with each other over social media but other than that we have only reconnected in the past few weeks. The creative process however flourished as we all had time to think clearly about how we wanted the project to sound, we like to think we have actually come back stronger from this whole situation, it’s almost like we have a stronger appreciation for playing together now that we have gone so long without each other and the music.”

I see you released the track Darien Gap, what was the creative process of that like?

“To be honest, I wrote and recorded Darien Gap in a day after watching a YouTube documentary about it, most of the sounds and lyrics were lifted directly from the video. It’s not actually one we normally play with each other though. Funnily enough, it’s the first song I emailed to the two other members of the band, John who’s on drums and Bren who plays bass, as an example of what direction I wanted to go for.”

Of course, it’s difficult to promote music without being able to play live, how are you finding the promotion side of things after releasing this single?

“Well, it’s still very early stages for us and we wouldn’t be the savviest when it comes to music promotion. We currently aren’t committed to any promotion at the moment due to the current environment. Now is the time for creation! Perhaps when things settle down a bit we will cross that bridge…”

Who are your influences in your music?

“In relation to this project, my influences would be punk and anything that’s lo-fi, such as Thee Oh Sees, The Ramones and The Stooges. John has a love of all things heavy, such as Slayer (our band name is a nod to them) and Tool. But on the lighter side has a passion for David Bowie and Bob Marley. He also insisted and mentioning “stomach-churning techno”. Bren would share Johns love of Tool but would also enjoy some of the more esoteric bands like Primus (or anything Les Claypool related).”

How have you learned to change your process to be remote?

“I don’t think a band can function remotely. Artistically and thematically they can because that sort of thing can be verbally discussed but comradeship and the feeling of playing together is something that is experienced best when each member is present in the same room.”

Finally, what’s next for the band?

“We are currently in boot camp rehearsals. Towards the end of summer, we will begin recording our first EP and hopefully get it pressed on vinyl.”

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