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Working 9 2 5 – Andy Alsafi

Hello, my name is Andy Alsafi and I am a 3rd year student studying at TU Dublin Blanchardstown. As a part of the second semester of 3rd year of my course, I have received the opportunity to work in the 92.5

Phoenix FM community radio station. Working in 92.5 Phoenix FM has been a fantastic experience so far. The staff and volunteers at the station are probably the most supportive, helpful and easy going individuals. The placement was also taken up by 4 other students, who also happen to be my college peers. The staff at the station have done the most to make our experience whilst working at the station as comfortable as possible. They are always on standby when you need any sort of help or have any questions regarding anything to do with Radio.

Whilst working with 92.5 Phoenix FM, we are taught the basics of Radio and how to Radio in general. Ever since we started working at the station, we have been taught and shown different approaches to creating a Radio show and also introduced to different tools and equipment that are vital for the process. We were also shown and taught skills that would be more of the behind the scenes in Radio, such as Auditing shows which basically means analysing each show and recording all aspects of the show and its contents.

My peers and I have each been given the opportunity to create a show on 92.5 Phoenix FM. This has been a great learning experience for the reason that I am really learning how much actually goes into a radio show, it’s not just a matter of sitting down and recording a show, but there is a sufficient amount of research and planning that is required to be carried out before hand in order to create an entertaining

Overall, this experience has been nothing but positive, it is definitely different to what I expected, but in a good way! I have learned and gained so much experience that will hopefully aid in my Radio career.

By Andy Alsafi