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Gallery from Coolmine Community School 2023

Special broadcast of D15 Today took place at the Coolmine Community School today at 10am. The School is celebrating their 50th Anniversary, Dave & Padraig will be interviewing groups of students ranging from the Sunflower Challenge, TY Experience & 2nd Year Sci Fest to name a few.

You can listen to the broadcast from the Coolmine Community School here:

Coolmine Community School


Meet the people who we got the chance to talk to:

Sophia and Bogdan from the 2nd Year Sci Fest talk to Dave & Padraig about their Sci Fest projects and experiences they gained while taking part.

The 2nd year English students Halle, Sheena, Abdulmatin, Alex, Vikroija and Jake talk to Dave & Padraig about short stories they entered into the Phoenix Writing Completion.

The students for the School Pond: Emilija Latvyte, Nikita Demchenko, Sean Cooper & Aoife Mae Gimenez spoke about their group for the Horticulture Club.

Dave & Padraig spoke with the Transition Year Enterprise students; Julie Gill, Ashling Coggins, Lucy Sweeney, Eva & Amelie spoke about their activities and trips they get involved on.

The students of 2nd Year Sci Fest Sean Hyde, Senan Kennedy spoke with Dave & Padraig about their project – Does the surface that a wind-up toy travels on affect how far it will go?

Dave & Padraig spoke with the 5th Year Meitheal; Adam Flinter, Bryan, Conor Seagrave & Hannah Burke – A program in which students help 6th Class students transition to 1st Year.

Dave & Padraig spoke with the 6th Year students about their experience; Ledine Clarke, Roisin Duffy, Hannah Mc Donnell, Andrea Dobos & Emilija Jacobson spoke about their final year at Coolmine Community School.

Gallery from Laurel Lodge Community Centre

Thank you to Glebas, Amer, and Paul for the photos taken at the event.